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Bluebeam Revu: Hyperlinks & Drawing Management (Live Online Training)
Tuesday, May 2nd and Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023
Registration Deadline
Monday, May 1st, 2023
Event Description

Set up in 2 half day, live, instructor led, online training sessions (8:00am to 12:00pm each day) this seminar will cover the same content as the in-person seminar. There is no opportunity to re-schedule or request for a partial refund if a student cannot attend both sessions. Please plan to be fully engaged in the class and clear your work schedule just as you would for the in-class program. 


This course bundle covers both The Bluebeam Revu: Hyperlinks and The Bluebeam Revu: Drawing Management content and will provide you and your staff with the knowledge and skills to manage construction documents using Bluebeam Revu.


Bluebeam Revu: Hyperlinks (Day 1) teaches you the fundamentals of creating and using Hyperlinks with Bluebeam Revu. 


Bluebeam Revu: Drawing Management (Day 2) teaches you and your staff the fundamentals of using Bluebeam Revu for Document Control.  


This course promises to shorten your staff's learning curve and maximize your investment in Revu by: 

  • Providing hands-on instruction by an experienced Construction Management Professional.
  • Focusing on the best practices needed to use Revu to achieve greater productivity.
  • Delivering frequent skills reinforcement through hands-on classroom activities, contextual feedback, quizzing and discussion.
  • Applying a progressive learning structure where each learning module builds on previous learning objectives.
  • Equipping learners with takeaway reference material, including practice files and a reference workbook to use beyond the classroom.

The course bundle will include the following modules:




Module 1: Introduction - Hyperlinks

  • Course introduction
  • Introduction to Revu for Drawing Management
  • Classroom Exercise

Module 2: Organizing your Documents

  • Overview
  • AutoMark
  • Extract Pages

Module 3: Creating a Smart Drawing Set

  • Overview
  • Vector vs. Raster Data
  • Simple Hyperlinks
  • Hyperlink Command
  • Search and Hyperlinks
  • Batch Link

Module 4: Managing Changes and Revisions

  • Overview
  • Compare Documents
  • Overlay Pages
  • Batch Compare and Batch Overlay

Module 5: Instructor Session: Questions and Answers



Module 1: Introduction – Drawing Management

  • Course introduction
  • Introduction to Revu for Drawing Management

 Module 2: Slip Sheeting

  •  Overview
  •  Replace Pages
  •  Batch Slip Sheeting

Module 3: Introduction to Sets

  • What is a Bluebeam Revu “Set”?
  • The Sets Panel
  • How to open a set
  • How to navigate a set
  • How to view superseded sheets in a set

Module 4: Creating a New Set

  • Where to start
  • Adding initial drawings to a set
  • Exploring the default Categories
  • Exploring the default Tags
  • Saving the set

Module 5: Categories

  • AIA standards vs the Canadian way
  • How to change the Categories in a new/existing set
  • How to change the default Categories for new sets

Module 6: Tags

  • What is a Bluebeam Revu “Tag”?
  • How to change the Tags in a new
  • The Revision Number Tag - best practice
  • Adding a custom Tag - why you should
  • How to change the default Tags for new sets
  • How to change Tags in an existing set

Module 7: Adding Change and Revision Documents to a Set

  • What is a “Change and Revision Document”?
  • Where should you save your Change and Revision Documents?
  • Set your Tags when adding Change and Revision Documents
  • Critical things to watch out for

Module 8: Publishing Sets

  • Printing Sets (why would you print them, when digital is so much better?)
  • Publish to a combined PDF - “Conforming Sets with dates”
  • Publish to a Drawing Log

Module 9: Cloud Hosting Options

  • Studio - Pro’s and Con’s
  • Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and similar - Pro’s and Con’s
  • How relative Hyperlinks work when hosting on various platforms
  • How absolute Hyperlinks work when hosting on various platforms
  • Bottom lines to follow

Module 10: Wrap-up

  • What to watch out for?
  • How to resolve future challenges

This course is ideal for any construction professional that needs to manage changes and revisions with their project documentation.


This is NOT a beginner course. You are expected to know what is taught in the Basics course before taking this course. Visit to test your knowledge on the basics.


• A working knowledge of the use of personal computers
• A working knowledge of RFI’s, SI’s, and other change documentation
• Bluebeam Revu Basics training course

Helpful to have/know:

• Familiarity with PDF documents
• Scroll wheel mouse
• Microsoft Office Suite installed
• Familiarity with the use of Microsoft Office software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint
• Familiarity with sending / receiving email


Recommended Computer Setup


You will need TWO screens for the training to be effective.

  • The first screen needs to be a Windows computer with Bluebeam Revu 2020 installed.
  • The second screen is to display the Zoom meeting (this could be a second monitor, a larger tablet (9" +) or a smart phone displayed on to a TV.


Bluebeam Revu Requirements


You will need a fully functioning version of Bluebeam Revu 2020. Any Windows version is ok, however the eXtreme version is recommended as many features taught are only available in eXtreme. The Mac version will not work. If you have an older version, you can download a 2020 trial and install it ‘side by side’ your existing install. This will allow you to continue to use your older version without losing your license and you can use the new version to follow along in the training.


You can download a free 30-day trial here


Instructor:  Morgan Garry


Morgan is a Bluebeam Certified Instructor. He has over a decade of hands-on experience in the construction industry, including owning his own construction company and working for one of the largest GC's in North America. He also holds a bachelor's degree in construction management from BYU-Idaho. Most importantly, he's a trusted expert in using Bluebeam technology on the construction site. Morgan's classes and training have helped some of the top construction companies in North America to improve processes, workflow, and project management with Bluebeam Revu.

Contact & Support

For support or inquiries, please email or call 604-293-2339.

All prices in Canadian dollars
Ticket Price
Attendee Registration for Webinar
BC Road Builders Member $249.00
CITN Member $249.00
ICBA Member $249.00
Non-Member $349.00
Day 1    Tuesday May 2, 2023
8:30am - 12:30pm
Webinar Day 1
Day 2    Wednesday May 3, 2023
8:30am - 12:30pm
Webinar Day 2
Additional Information

It is highly recommended that you have a computer setup that allows for 2 screens. 1 screen to view the GoToTraining session, and the other screen to have your Bluebeam Revu software open. This can be done with a computer with 2 screens, or a combination of a laptop and a tablet.


You will need a fully functioning version of Bluebeam Revu 2018 or 2019. Any Windows version is ok (Standard, CAD, or eXtreme) If you have an older version of Bluebeam Revu (2017 or older), you can download a 2019 trial and install it ‘side by side’ your existing install. This will allow you to continue to use your older version without losing your license and you can use the new version to follow along in the training.


You can download a free 30-day trial here:


Please note that the free trial is not compatible with Mac computers.  The version of Bluebeam Revu created for Mac computers was discontinued in March 2019. Participants must use the Windows version for this session or run a parallels desktop system or a virtual machine with Windows.

Cancellation &
Refund Policy
Cancellations received at least 5 business days prior to the webinar date will result in a full refund.
Registrants who do not attend/log into the webinar, and/or who do not notify CITN of cancellation at least 5 full business days prior to the course date will be assessed the full cost of the webinar. There will be no refunds or credits in this case.
Substitution of attendees is permitted up to and including the day of the webinar.
CITN may have to postpone or cancel webinars due to insufficient enrolment, in which case CITN’s liability will be limited to a refund of the registration fee.
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